Kevin Fraser

Kevin Fraser, a prodigious entertainer, embarked on his journey with a burning passion for comedy and performance. At the age of 16, he began his career spinning tunes as a DJ in his hometown of Durban, South Africa. While renowned for his distinctive blend of sassy house beats, Kevin’s aspirations stretched far beyond the DJ booth. He saw music as just one avenue to express his innate talent for entertainment.

In 2013, Kevin ventured to Johannesburg, a move that marked the beginning of a meteoric rise in the local entertainment scene. His performances quickly became synonymous with his boundless energy, captivating audiences with his stage presence. Whether busting moves on the dance floor or engaging spectators with his charismatic persona, Kevin seamlessly transitioned from club sets to festival stages, each performance a testament to the dedication to his craft.

Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, Kevin didn’t just build an entertainment brand; he crafted a movement that resonates with performers and entertainment aficionados alike. Establishing Cream Kulture upon relocating to Australia in 2014, Kevin curated events nationwide, catalyzing his foray into Comedy & Content Creation by 2015.

Kevin’s comedic genius shone through as he shared his expat adventures through the lens of quintessential South African personas. The response was immediate and fervent. Kevin’s career skyrocketed, with fans across the globe eagerly sharing his content. From these roots, Kevin’s online presence, content, and fanbase blossomed—genuine supporters from every corner of the world.

"Cream Kulture has a vision for the long term, with several divisions to complement each other in ultimately building a sustainable brand. I am primarily focused on activewear for onstage, offstage, and backstage. Cream Kulture is the sports uniform for the players in this game of entertainment. It’s time to 'entertain."

During the lockdown period from 2020-2022, Kevin witnessed a second wave of growth and attention on his channels, with several Social Media videos amassing millions of views. Despite the challenges, Kevin’s momentum shows no sign of slowing. Transitioning seamlessly to the stage, he delivers unforgettable performances, blending music and comedy in a unique fusion that captivates audiences worldwide, from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok to YouTube.

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Since his emergence onto the entertainment scene, Kevin has graced over 350 venues and festivals spanning continents—including South Africa, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, The U.S, Canada, The U.A.E, Qatar, Israel, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. He’s orchestrated and participated in South Africa’s hottest events, garnered global media attention, even making a cringe-worthy appearance on an Australian Reality TV show—all while spreading joy and laughter in every country he visits!

And this is just the beginning.